What can the new 2015 Everlast Power i-MIG 205 do for me? Part2

The New 2015 Everlast MIG Welder, The Power i-MIG 205.  Part2

In our previous blog post we discussed the newest feature to the i-MIG 205 MIG welder, it is digitally controlled. Read part 1 here.

MIG WelderThe second feature of the new MIG welder from Everlast is the Power i-MIG 205 that is useful is the stick weld feature.  Yes, stick welding with a MIG welder might seem like an after thought in design, but trust me, having a stick welder around is never  a bad idea.  It increases the versatility and when MIG welding won’t cut it in the windy conditions or a different material that is frequently encountered on the jobsite, the stick function backs you up.  But the stick performance does not suffer in favor of the MIG or vice versa.  Both stand on their own very well as highly capable of yielding consistent, quality welds whenever called upon.   The third feature that “works for you” is the Arc force control.  It’s been standard on most of the Power I MIG welders now for some time, but now it is even more relevant due the introduction of digital control.  In MIG mode, this function works to adjust inductance or slope of the unit.   This feature controls the pinch point of the wire and throttles the current ramp up time as the wire burns back after short circuiting in the puddle.  This affects how fluid or stiff an arc seems to be.  This is invaluable when welding overhead or vertical.  Without having to radically change or alter voltage or wirespeed settings, the unit can easily be adjusted to suit the weld conditions.  In stick mode, this changes the arc response as the arc length is shortened and the voltage falls.  It boosts amperage to maintain the arc and the relative amount of heat being put into the puddle.


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