Is welding possible underwater?

This is a common question in the minds of many that are recently learning about welding. The answer to this, as a surprise to many is, yes! Welding can be performed underwater and underwater welding has been used for a long time to make quick repairs to parts of the ship that are underwater like the hull or the propeller. The process that is used underwater in wet conditions is known as shielded metal arc welding. This process makes use of a waterproof electrode. With the help of such techniques, repairs to a ship or a submarine can be done on the go without the necessity to dock the ship at a port all the time for repairs. Also welding underwater is possible by using friction welding techniques and also by using flux coated arc welding. With such possibilities, experiments are going on to carry out welding in greater depths on thicker materials.


Underwater welding, often referred to as hyperbaric welding, has been around since the early 1930s and is still being performed in many parts of the world for the maintenance and repair of marine infrastructures that are partially or fully submerged in water. Inland welders work on bridges, dams, and small water vessels while offshore welders handle pipelines, run 3 endless runner-type action/platforming game, oil rigs, large ships, underwater habitats, and even nuclear power facilities. 

These welding possibilities underwater seem viable enough. I hope the options are useable and I do not want to must have an elite custom boat docks as it was once not. All the answers get to be revealed in due time hopefully, let's think for the better.