Welding with an auto-darkening welding helmet Part 10

If you are going to need to wear corrective glasses or plain safety glasses under your helmet, make sure it fits comfortably around the frames.  One thing that is really worth mentioning for the older and sight challenged customer is that magnifying lenses can be installed in many helmets eliminating the challenge of seeing through spectacles while welding.  Now keep in mind, not every helmet will accept a “cheater” lens.   Manufacturers may make some that will accept them and some that won’t.

This is something that will vary though as many manufacturers are making all their current welding helmets and auto darkening lenses to accept a slip in cheater lens which mounts flush to the auto darkening lens itself.

This is something you will want to test out though if you can before you buy to make sure that the way the cheater lens is fixed in the helmet, that it is secure, but easy to take out to clean or replace when the time comes.  Cheater lenses are made of plastic usually so any sparks or debris that gets embedded in them will require you to throw it away.

One of the final things you should consider when welding with an auto-darkening welding helmet, is the availability and cost of protective cover lenses for both the front of the welding hood and the back of the lens.  It takes only a few sparks reaching the surface to destroy an expensive auto-darkening lens. So it is important to keep them in good repair and changed regularly for the best view.  If you cannot be guaranteed of easy and inexpensive local access to both front and back cover lenses, you probably should look for another helmet that can be backed by your local dealer.  Either that, or be prepared to buy them in bulk on-line or by special order at your local welding supply store.


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