Water welders should be really cautious when they are at work!

As the name justifies under water welding is done under water, they are mostly done when there is a real need or repair which has to be done in the ships, in the harbor, oil platforms and pipe lines. There are actually two types of underwater welding, which includes dry welding and wet welding. However both are done under water only but in different conditions. The dry welding is done through a special chamber that creates a very dry environment. This type of welding is mainly used when there is a need for very deep water welds, which requires a high degree of strength.

Under water welding techniques can be hazardous if proper safety gears and equipments are not used. An underwater welder has the risks of electric shock. And many other risks associated with welding, so it is always good to stay away from danger by using proper equipments and welding safetygears.


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