Tips for Resistance Spot Welding:

Forever study and go after the security precautions and operational commands in your owner's guidelines.

1. Resistance welding is not suggested for copper, aluminum, or copper alloys. Make use for steel and stainless steel only.

2. for additional temperature (amperage output), use shorter forceps.

3. For units with no warmth manage, tong distance end to end can be used for a control. For occurrence, for slim metals where you desire less heat up, longer tongs be able to be used.

4. Remain in mind that longer tongs be able to curve, and you can lose heaviness at the weld.

5. For the metals being welded, Ensure there is no hole between the pieces - this will grow weaker the weld.

6. Maintain the position of the tongs in a straight line, so that the tips stroke both others accurately. In addition maintain a correct pressure change - not too high or too low pressure.

7. When you require one face of the weld to contain good quality look, you be able to flatten (welding machine) the tip to some extent on that side.

8. Clean the tips on a usual basis or you will misplace production (amperage). Dress the tips with a correct tip cupboard.