Things to Remember While MIG Welding Aluminum:

It is a very well known fact that MIG welding aluminum is a much difficult process than MIG welding steel. Even a minute difference, be it just a negligible variation in the flow of argon or may be just a tweak in the wire could cause a huge mess up during this process. Hence there are certain things that have to be kept in mind while MIG welding aluminum.

• The first and foremost is, the aluminum has to be cleaned as aluminum quickly reacts with the oxygen and forms a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. This layer has to be cleaned before welding; a stainless steel wire brush can be used to remove the oxide layer.

• Whenever possible fasten your work to a heatsink made or copper or aluminum.

• Preheat the metal before you start the welding, this will speed up things.

• And the most important thing is do not forget to fix all the parts as tight as possible allowing no gaps in-between them.