Spot Welding Instructions:

Spot welding, or the practice of creating small, evenly spaced welds on the surface of a combined prior to creating the main weld. Helps to hold jointly two sheets of metal when they are welded. By holding jointly metal pieces, spot welding has the added advantage of reducing any warping or burn-through that may or else have occurred throughout welding. Spot welding methods are not hard. They are based on the similar methods as MIG (metal inert gas) welding apart from that the welding tool is held stable in one spot.


1. Place the welding torch directly on the top part of metal. Hold the torch motionless.

2. Depress the welding trigger; permitting the electrode wire and shielding gas to be incessantly fed.

3. Keep up the arc for a prearranged sum of time. It will carry on going through the metal, in only one place.

4. Permit the weld to go through into the base sheet. The quantity of diffusion that occurs in an exacting material depends on the welding current and arc period.

5. Do again Steps 1 through 4 at consistently spaced intervals throughout the surface.


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