Spot Welder Parts & How they are used:

A spot welder usually has just a small number of parts. These contain the electrodes which are the majority usually made of an alloy metal similar to copper or silver. These electrodes require to be clamped on a sheet of metal to apply the power supply. This is completed by handlers or tool holds which location the electrodes. These might be much extended arms that are emotionally involved to a mechanism or robot which can go the electrodes approximately a surface. The additional thing a spot welder has is a coolant. This is generally water or some extra kind of combination depending on the application. Since a spot welder generates much amount of power it creates a lot of temperature and so wants coolant.

Spot welders are used for bonding a lot of products we use each day similar to sheet pans, galvanized garden buckets, shovels and additional objects. They normally are used for welding very slim sheets of metal which would not be clever to withstand the temperature from conventional gas welding. The advantage of a spot welder is speed and accuracy. When you spot weld two metal sheets jointly, temperature is just applied to a very little area so the metal is not weakened or damaged.