Should I Use a MIG and Stick Welder?

You've probably asked yourself this question before, do I need a MIG and Stick Welder?

Everlast’s MIG Welders, the Power I MIG 200, MIG 205, and MIG 250  offers more pack and punch in a welding machine by packing more features into the unit than the  standard MIG welding machines you could purchase from many of our competitors.  The units are not only feature rich, but also include a function for Stick welding.  Now of course, some  people don’t realize that when they purchase one of these units.  But more often or not I hear “Well I don’t want to stick weld”.  Or  “I already have a stick welder.  Well these are certainly valid points, but when you figure in the performance, savings and even the practicality of having a MIG that can stick weld in DC, it makes perfect sense.  There are applications where MIG just won’t do, say  out doors in a breeze or where a cylinder cannot be easily transported where work space is confined.  In these conditions MIG just won’t work.  Of course there is always the possibility of using flux core, but that can lead to high cost of buying Flux core wire maybe to use for a small job.  In reality Flux core is a great way to get around MIG, but most people have little experience with Flux core welding and it’s something that can go bad if not stored properly.   In this case, using stick makes perfect sense, as they can be purchased economically and store relatively easy in most circumstances.  The Power I MIGs with the stick function also include an arc force control which further dials in the ability of the  I MIGs to work well where other MIGs can cannot.  The arc put out by these units are exceptional for both modes and of course, as you benefit from the inverter capabilities these welders have.