Safety measures during Mig welding process

The term mig welding stands for Metal Inter Gas welding. This type of metal welding process is widely handled in most of the industries. It is carried out by the application of heat obtained from the electric arc over the metal work piece. Certain safety measures have to be implemented well before we start working with these welding procedures. Firstly, protection of skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations is to be considered.

Appropriate ventilation facility, usage of extraction fans and wearing a vapor mask are few of the protection methods for avoiding the effects of UV rays. Sparks will be released at the time of grinding and welding operation. These sparks can travel a very long distance and hence care should be taken such that sparks does not affect any object by catching fire. Avoiding the placement of flammable objects nearby areas of such operations is the best way to prevent fire accidents.

Cornea of human eye is so sensitive to rays such as Ultraviolet radiation and sun burns. Even if the arc is seen for a very short period of time, it will affect the cornea very easily and this condition is termed as “Arc eye”. It is highly dangerous and a proper protection to the eye is to be given before mig welding process is started. Protecting the workplace with the help of screen will help out if there can be any passer-by in and around the area of welding.

Vapors and fumes should be cared properly and we need to make enough safety measures for mig welding with Zinc and Aluminum objects. Sawdust or other tiny paper bags could catch fire easily at a very fast rate and hence special attention should be shown on them so that we do not miss any such tiny object. The conventional methods of having a fire extinguisher aside or a bucket full of sand are the two all time best ideas for any kind of welding work.