Product Buying Guide part 23

Everlast PowerPro

A new wave of product has hit the market in the last few years thanks to companies bold enough to pioneer it like Everlast. These welding units feature TIG/Stick units with plasma cutting capability. These units are available in DC or AC/ DC configurations.

The Everlast PowerPro series features AC/DC capability for TIG, DC capability for Stick, and DC, of course for Plasma.  The Everlast PowerUltra features all DC, for those requiring basic features and are not needed for aluminum welding. All the units currently feature pulse TIG welding.  The Everlast PowerPro series offers many of the TIG capabilities of the PowerTIG line, but do not offer the low amp starting on AC that the PowerTIG 250 EX has. They are largely geared to the portable repair industry due to the portability factor.

A lot of TIG “newbs” are drawn toward these welding units as a one stop solution to their welding and cutting needs.  Units from the Everlast PowerPro series are definitely convenient with their all in one design.   As the 2013 new models roll out this year, all plasma side of the units will feature blow back style torches with pilot arc.

This move will improve the reliability of the welding units by eliminating the High Frequency Start for plasma. It will retain the High Frequency Start for TIG of course. The rest of the unit will stay largely the same as far as features. But expect some freshening up of the look and feel of the overall unit by the end of the first quarter