Product Buying Guide part 22

Power i TIG

The Power i TIG is part of the greater PowerTIG line, but it’s distinct in it’s capabilities, as it is the only DC pulse TIG unit in our analog welder lineup.  It’s a 200 amp DC TIG with a 160 amp stick function. The Power i TIG features 250 Hz pulse capability which is quite unique compared to other units.

This allows the operator plenty of comfort room when working with special alloys which require careful heat management while welding. It features dual voltage power as well with 120V/240V capability.  Even though the amp output is cut during 120V usage, the Power i TIG gives the operator the capability to go anywhere to make a repair like restaurants and food processing facilities. The unit features High Frequency Start and Lift TIG Start.

The Power i TIG can be switched easily from High Frequency Start to Lift TIG Start by flipping a simple rocker switch.  This is a great feature to have when welding in HF sensitive areas like a hospital or computer room.   The Power i TIG also has the standard stick weld feature, which is enhanced by adjustable arc force control.

The Power i TIG has found great utility in the gun smithing market and specialized alloy TIG welding market.  Although you cannot weld aluminum with it, that is about the only thing it won’t weld. It features low 5 amp starting, along with foot pedal capability with a standard TIG torch that includes a torch switch for remote control use with the slope sequencer.  Among the most compact units, the Power i TIG gives the customer that is interested in DC TIG  about everything they could possibly ask for.


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