Product Buying Guide part 21

Power MTS 250S

If 200 amps sounds a little light for you and you want some insurance against possible “future” big tasks, the Power MTS 250S from Everlast with 250 amps max output on MIG/TIG and 200 amps output on stick, will fill the need, especially if you are thinking about the best product that will grow with you as a welder or a company.  Featuring all three major processes (4 if you count flux core), then you will find that the Power MTS 250S can deliver on almost any type weld you will come across.

The Power MTS 250S features DC output only, but with MIG, you can actually weld aluminum. One feature that we have put into the Power MTS 250S is synergic MIG function. Synergic simply means that as you adjust the MIG voltage the wire speed is adjusted for you automatically based off the wire diameter and type alloy you have selected.  It’s a simple and no fault way of getting near perfect MIG welds every time.

Of course, just because you have an automatic function, it doesn’t mean you are stuck with an “auto” only mode. It is capable of welding manually as well with the normal inputs with independent operation of Voltage and wire speed. The most unique feature of the Power MTS 250S is the fact that the spool gun that is available as an option will operate synergically as well.

DC output and TIG output is pure and stable.  You can weld down to 10 amps with the welder without an issue in the TIG process.  Stick function works well with digitally controlled Arc force function which helps keep the arc stable as the arc length drops.  MIG also features inductance which performs similar assistance while wire welding.