Product Buying Guide part 18

Not to be outdone by its smaller siblings, the Power i-MIG 250P from Everlast is a clear contender in its class.  One of the smaller “roll around” units available, the inverter welder design reduces weight and frame size by 30% in comparison to its competitors. The efficiency and power consumption of the light weight inverter welder makes this an outstanding choice for the small shop.

The welding unit features all that you could possibly imagine, along with the recently added stick weld function and the spool gun capability.  It has a manually setup single pulse feature as well as the capability to weld in a standard MIG mode.  This welding unit features a heavy duty 4 roll drive system which feeds wire reliably, without slipping or deforming the wire excessively.   Its dual tensioning system allows the user to tension each roller set individually.  And it will handle a wide variety of wire diameters.

The best feature of the Power i-MIG 250P is the price.  Even without the pulse figured in, it is one of the best priced 250 amp class welders on the market.  It is around 1700.00 USD for everything.  The Power i-MIG 250P welder is very capable with a 35% duty cycle which allows the customer to continue welding at high amperage without having to wait around all day for it to cool.  If the price, performance and features don’t convince you, its reliability will.  As the top welder in the current i-MIG line, the 250P doesn’t give the operator much reason to complain. Power i-MIG 250P