Product Buying Guide part 15

The Power I-MIG 200 is perhaps one of the best welding values on the market.  It has a very small foot print, but will handle an 11 pound roll of wire.  Its suitcase carry handle underscores its portability.

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200 uses a Euro style connector which is found on other brands of welders sold in the US.  It is perhaps the best connector on the market as well because of the fact that the torch is very quickly changed out.  The welding unit is fully spool gun compatible and works well with our optional spool gun.

A standard feature of the welding unit is the heavy duty wire drive system, featuring all cast aluminum and steel construction.  The Power I-MIG 200 can be used with 2 lb. rolls as well due to the design of the wire carrier.  The welder features 200 amps of power with a duty cycle rating at 160 amps of 35%.  This is a respectable amount of power from a welding unit like this. Over current and duty cycle protection are also featured, which help prevent damage to the machine should a fault condition occur or the duty cycle has been reached.

The Power I-MIG 200 also gives the user complete control over the adjustments, allowing infinite adjustment of every feature within the adjustment range.   The welding arc quality is deemed nearly perfect as there is almost no spatter and a very smooth lay down of filler material, making transfer efficiency much higher than its competitors.