Product Buying Guide part 13

The latest welding  machine to be introduced into the Everlast PowerARC stick welder line is the PowerARC 160STH.  The S stands for Stick, the T stands for TIG and the H stands for High Frequency Start (TIG).  This unit is capable of either Stick or TIG welding.

The PowerARC 160STH competes very well against the PowerArc 140ST because it offers several advantages.  One, it offers 20 more amps for better stick welding range. It also does it at the same 35% duty cycle, but at higher max amperage.   As far as tig, this welding machine offers way more features which include the High Frequency Start, built in gas solenoid and foot pedal capability. It also comes in a convenient carry case just like the 140ST, but it also includes the Argon regulator. The basic torch switch function allows you to start the arc without having a live tungsten (as is the case with the PowerArc 140ST) and to weld out of position without the need for a foot pedal.

As we mentioned the PowerARC 160STH offers an optional foot pedal.  Should you choose to purchase it, it will give you easy operation and control of the amperage.  Although it is slightly larger than the 140ST, it’s relatively small size makes it an ideal welding machine for the small home hobbyist or garage.  Also the PowerARC 160STH is equipped with dual voltage. This means that the unit will operate on either 120V or 240V 1 phase current.  Expect though that on 120V, output will be limited to about 95 amps.