Product Buying Guide Part 11

The PowerArc 200 was the first in the line of stick welders that we introduced. It set the mark. So we had to come up with at least as good of welder for our 300 amp category to maintain the reputation that the PowerArc 200 set.

So, with the introduction of the PowerArc 300, the idea was to keep the features but also improve the welder’s features and performance. I think we have not only matched, but also exceeded the PowerArc 200’s capability and design with the PowerArc 300.  While both have the separate 6010 port, the PowerArc 300 also has the added capability of adjustable arc force control and also adjustable hot start current.  Both combine to give the operator a “choice” in how the unit operates.

Although only a seldom complaint is heard about the automatic features of the PowerArc 200, the PowerARC 300 does make it customizable to the exact demands of its operator and environment.   At an industry standard 60% duty cycle and with a 240 1 or 3 phase operation, the PowerArc 300 is truly a commercial machine.

These welders can be found operating on construction sites, at repair shops, on farms or even on the pipelines and oilfields.  The unit is also large enough and has the capability of being a good choice for use for carbon arc gouging.  It may not be a dedicated 24/7 unit for carbon arc gouging because it only is 300 amps, but you certainly have enough power to use it for your average repair or typical weldment.