Product Buying Guide Part 10

As advanced as the welding industry will ever get, there will always be a demand for stick welding.  Keep in mind both MIG and TIG welding has come around since the introduction of the stick welding process (SMAW).  Both were said to have been the next best process to use.  However, none have succeeded in eliminating stick welding from being one of the most commonly sold welders today.

Our Everlast PowerARC line of stick welding is testaments to this fact.  The extreme popularity of the PowerARC 200 took us literally by surprise when they first came out.  In fact the basic DC stick welding has ended up in the hands of many die hard professionals in the welding industry, because of the performance and sheer economic value of it.

The PowerARC 200 features built in arc force control (dig) and hot start capability. The hot start helps keep the rod from sticking during arc striking. The arc force control helps prevent the arc from dying out while the welding rod is held too close.  The one additional feature of the PowerARC 200 that gets attention is the dedicated higher voltage output E6010 port that makes welding 6010 a dream.  Using the 6010 port you also can get excellent results with E6011.

Some of our older Pipliner customers report that the arc is the best one they have seen in years.  There are some nice videos online made by various customers about the PowerARC 200. One is posted by our company here: