Prioritizing your FIRST welding project list part 4

The last project that I typically recommend is not an obvious one, but never the less, an important one.  This one is like having a third arm for me.  Where ever you weld, you are going to have to deal with long and cumbersome pieces of metal.  There’s  usually no way that you will be ever  be able to build a welding table long enough to hold the length of metal you are using when lengths are 20 foot or longer.   Or if you have a cut off saw, or any sort of metal working tool such as an iron worker, you will need support on the end, maybe in several places.    What you need to make is an adjustable support stand.   Ideally the top would be a wide roller that will roll with the load, similar to the kind that they use on conveyor lines.  The stands are inexpensive to make, out of 1 inch tubing or slightly larger material and the rollers can be found at almost any industrial supply house or a place like Harbor Freight if you want a lighter duty version.   I have used my stand for almost everything imaginable.   Primarily I use it for an infeed support to my cut off saw.  It allows me to easily slide the metal through vise of the saw so I can reposition for a cut.  I’ve used it for an additional  third hand for laying out over the edge of the table.  With it’s ability to slide up or down to match any height, even on uneven surfaces, it is an indispensable part of my shop.  I believe if you ask any other welder who has one, they will tell you to put this on your priority list.