Power supply for welding

Welding can be done using a DC power supply as well as an AC power supply. Each of these supplies has their own advantages and disadvantages. They are chosen based on the type of power supply that is available of the project that is undertaken. A stabilizer or a voltage regulator is used to keep the power supply that is needed for the welding operation constant. A stabilizer will step up the voltage if it is too low or brings the voltage down if it is too high. When using direct current, the electrode will only provide the arc and no the filler material. For shallow welds, a positively charged electrode is used and for deeper welds, a negatively charged electrode is used. The type of current t be used therefore is dependent on the welding project that is being undertaken. We should keep the availability of the power source as well as the metals involved in the process into consideration before proceeding with welding.


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