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Midyear Everlast product releases. New Power Plasma S models

This year we’ve seen several new Everlast welding products and a deep midyear refreshing of the existing Everlast Product line. The IGBT inverter based PowerPlasmas from Everlast are no different. Though changes aren’t as dramatic they are significant as all models have been upgraded internally with better, more streamlined components. The biggest external changes occur in the Power Plasma 50. The new model is the Power Plasma 50S. It now will be more closely related to the Power Plasma 60S and 80S with a fresh, convenient panel redesign. The features will appear and operate similarly to the larger models, though the design remains compact. It also features the new PT 60 torch. This torch replaces the Trafimet style S-45. The PT 60 torch features blowback starting along with a specially patented “back striking” design. This torch though somewhat similar to the S-45 actually starts the arc on a broad shoulder at the rear of the consumable. This creates a longer lived consumable as the arc transfers to the tip after striking. It also provides a cleaner cut. Angularity and dross is significantly reduced. The PT 60 torch also features a simple yet effective protective guard to prevent accidental firing of the torch.

The Power Plasma 60S also has been upgraded with the PT 60 torch. Internals have been streamlined and the pilot arc function has improved with a full time pilot arc with constant reengagement when continuity is sensed or a tip saver design which terminates the pilot arc after 3 seconds operation or when continuity sensed. The unit also features improved clean cut capacity with a slight gain on severance cut capability.

The Power Plasma 80S has been upgraded with the PT 80 torch. This new torch offers a variety of tip options including a special drag tip which will be in stock within the next few months and available for purchase. The PT80 torch is a heavier duty torch with better clean cut capacity than the older S-75. Severance cut has also been slightly increased. But one of the best new features of the torch is the increase in consumable life. The Pilot arc operation and layout of the panel shares the same common design as the new PowerPlasma 60S. Other similar changes have been made internally to increase cutting power and streamline the design.

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