Oxy fuel welding continued - Which welding process should I try first? Part 3

Oxy fuel welding continued...

There are more reasons that Oxy fuel welding is a good place to start other than puddle recognition.   It helps to develop heat control, torch control and manipulation skills.  Next to being able to determine the puddle, filler manipulation and filler timing are critical to welding.  Whether it’s MIG, TIG or Stick welding, you must be able to learn to manipulate the puddle and direct it where you need it to go.   The ability of the torch flame to gently guide the puddle where it needs to go is a skill that can be used in all other welding processes that require manual moving of the torch to move the puddle along.  In electric forms of welding, the force of the arc can be used to press and hold the puddle in place, or to direct it forward as the weld progresses.   The oxy fuel welding flame can be made soft or harsh to accentuate the ability.  As you learn to weld, arc control will be critical to out of position welds and open root welds.   The oxy fuel process allows you precise control and manipulation,  better than MIG or Stick.  The fact that the heat can be controlled so precisely helps to.  It can be controlled as well as an amp by amp adjustment that you can achieve on an inverter welder like an Everlast.   It’s quite welding experience and creates a low noise environment for maximum concentration.  You will also find that the process is similar to TIG, but then these skills uniquely transfer to the other processes as well.   This is something you can’t get in MIG welding for sure.

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