New 2017 product The PowerMTS 221STi

As part of a program to extend our product line, and to continue to be an innovating company in the welding industry, we are proud to announce our latest unit, the PowerMTS 221Sti. This unit should reach the market sometime in mid 2017. The latest in our line of MIG, TIG, Stick welders, the Power MTS 221Sti, features a lot of unique features not found in other units of its class.

The first and most important feature for a MIG TIG stick welder, is the development of a true all-in-one unit with AC and DC TIG capability. The new unit is a huge advancement over the recent generation of MIG TIG and stick welders on the market as the added AC capability is not the only feature that will distinguish it. The unit also features HF start in TIG mode as well as wave form control, which will feature a choice of two different wave forms. Of course, since the unit is an Everlast AC/DC TIG unit as well, it will feature the standard AC balance and AC frequency control. The unit will have a full sequencer that will allow operation independent of the standard foot pedal that will be included. The sequencer will also control several important MIG features, such as inductance, burn back, and volt slope up.

The new PowerMTS 221Sti will feature full size roll capability, while supporting a duty cycle of 50% at 230 amps. This will definitely make a splash in the industry. But for us, that is not uncommon as we were the first company in the US market that actually released a well designed MIG/TIG/Stick unit with additional features that still aren’t matched by today’s competition, beginning way back in 2009.


I've been waiting for this all in one welder for quite some time, mid 2017 is here and I wish it were here also.

I've been waiting for this all in one welder for quite some time, mid 2017 is here and I wish it were here also.

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