Midyear Everlast Product Releases. New PowerTIG 250EX.

Introducing the New Power TIG 250EX.

Mid 2015 is seeing the release of some refreshed welding products from Everlast. The first unit to be unveiled for Mid-2015 is the refreshed Power TIG 250EX TIG welder. Our motivation for releasing this unit is the success of the Power TIG 255EXT. Initially a lot of people thought we’d do away with the Power TIG 250EX once the Power TIG 255EXT was released but we’ve stayed true to our word and not only kept the Power TIG 250EX, we’ve improved it and given it a refreshed look and internal components. The new Power TIG 250EX’s refresh was driven by our desire to offer the customer an ever increasingly better product. Don’t fret those of you who like the analog features of the Power TIG 250EX TIG/Stick welder and those to have complete control over your knobs and buttons at a glance. The Power TIG 250EX looks very similar to the older model and retains most all of the analog look and feel. The only external difference is that the function switches are now digital inputs with LED’s to confirm the function selected and the analog knob input is more precise as the unit now interfaces the new digitally controlled internals. This will not only improve reliability but improve serviceability if it is needed. The unit is more compact and cleaner now with respect to the internals with overall less circuitry to deal with. The arc stability and capability that the 250EX is known for is unchanged and again, the look and feel is similar to the older model units so the customer who doesn’t like all the menu laden bells and whistles that you find in units like the Miller Dynasty or Lincoln Invertec welders, but need plenty of capability, the new midyear release of the Power TIG 250EX definitely has some surprises in store.

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