Magnetic pulse welding

The magnetic pulse welding makes use of magnetic pulse to join to metal pieces together. This welding process makes use of the magnetic forces to drive two work pieces together under high pressure thereby creating a weld. This is mostly used to join two dissimilar metals together. However it should be kept in mind that these two metals are electrically conductive in nature and are not eddy current resistant. The metal to be weld is magnetically accelerated with the help of a conductive coil through with a powerful AC current is passed. This produces a secondary eddy current in the electrically conductive material and with the generation of Lorentz force, this material moves at a high impact trajectory. The base material on which the metal is to weld is kept in the trajectory path and this creates a high impact collision which leads to the formation of the weld. The weld that is formed in this method is a solid state weld.


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