Inverter Welders, Part 5. Comparing Everlast Multi Process Welders

The inverter welder revolution part 5: Comparison of the Everlast Multi-Process MTS series versus similar units in the industry continued.

The Everlast Power MTS series offers more advanced features in the compact inverter multiprocess welder market than any other machine. Some may question that assertion, but it is true. That is evidenced further by the fact that both the new Power MTS 211si and the Power MTS 251si both feature panel control over the maximum amps when used in the TIG mode. When compared to some other offerings in the market this stands out as some brands use a separate knob on the pedal to control maximum amps while the foot pedal is in use. Some companies do share the same type foot pedal control but typically cost much more. The biggest change which definitively sets the new Power MTS inverters apart from the rivals and continues to further define the revolution of inverter welders is the new addition of High Frequency start to the TIG process. That’s right, HF start in TIG mode! This is definitely an industry first. All other brands currently use lift start only while welding DC. But with both models of the new Power MTS units, the TIG arc can be started with HF or with lift start. This is a standard feature…not an optional one you have to pay more for. Now this may seem a small item, but the difficulty one can experience with contamination and arc starting by having a lift start system only tied to a foot pedal control makes a huge difference in comparison. Tungsten life will be longer and you’ll have less chance of contamination at the start of the weld. And so the revolution continues…but Everlast isn’t done playing its part in the inverter welder revolution, especially with the PowerMTS series. Stay tuned…

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