Inverter Welders, The Everlast Revolution - Part 3

The inverter welder revolution part 3

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As much as it pains some older, dyed-in-the-wool welders, inverter welding and plasma cutting machines are here to stay. You’ll probably even see quite a few of the old seasoned welders requesting to be buried in their refrigerator-sized transformer units when they pass on as some of them would indeed be large enough to accommodate the request! But the revolution has already taken place and time is the only obstacle to inverter based welders and plasma cutters becoming the norm in every welding facility in this country. One of the welders that are likely to help accelerate the acceptance are the portable multi process units capable of welding MIG, TIG or Stick. That is what Everlast has called its PowerMTS line. True, we were one of the first to offer such a unit, but within the last 4 to 5 years, the market has broken open as the new offerings have been made in the industry with lower pricing that on the surface begins to rival the prices people tend to expect from Everlast. Units like the Thermal Arc/TWECO Fabricator series and the new Lincoln 210MP are well priced. Also, Miller’s Multimatic 200 is popular, though it comes in quite a bit higher in the market in regards to price, but offers many of the same features albeit some of them are more advanced than what the other brands have to offer. But it is helpful to dig a little deeper to discover and compare the similarities and differences these units present. In our next blog we’ll compare many of the features and functions of the new Everlast MTS units against the features of our main competitors to highlight that Everlast is still leading the pack not only in price, but in features as well.

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