An insight into ultrasonic welding:

Welding is a process where two or more work pieces are joined together with the help of a molten solution which solidifies to form the solid bond between the work pieces. Ultrasonic’s on the other generally refers to frequencies above 20,000 hertz which are not audible to our ears. However the same frequency is audible to certain animals such as dolphins, mice etc. The use of this ultrasonic concept in welding has several advantages over the various other welding techniques. It is used for manufacturing wire harnesses, electronic components and other appliances. It is generally used for welding multiple foil layers on to a terminal or welded together with different combination of metals such as nickel, copper, aluminum, lithium etc.

The biggest advantage of using ultrasonic welding is the concept of low power friction. It generates little amount of heat whilst at the same time giving better precision and control. As a result the qualities of such welds have improved to such a good quality which is literally unbreakable. The whole idea is pretty simple to learn as well. The work pieces are scrubbed together under tremendous amount to pressure which creates the bond eventually. Ultrasonic welding is the next generation technique which is expected to take over welding field as it has already conquered and put to use in several areas.