Everlast's New MIG Welders for 2015, the PowerMTS 251Si & 211Si MIG Welder. Part 2

New MIG welder produts for 2015

In Part 1 of this blog series we introduced our new Power MTS 250s MIG Welder, in Part 2 we'll introduce the Power MTS 251Si and 211Si.

The new Power MTS 251Si not only features exciting and USEABLE new features for MIG and TIG functions like DC HF Start in TIG mode and MIG/TIG pulse mode, but it also features additional stick functions for the most complete “All-in-one” welder package on the US and Canadian markets. The new 251Si MIG/TIG/Stick welder features not only arc force control, but also hot start time and intensity controls that you’d find in advanced inverter stick welders. Oh and did we mention it is all rolled up into a compact package capable of handling 8” rolls and able to run on 120V (with reduced output)? Yes, it’s relatively small but powerful with all the professional features you could ask for in a unit this size.

Not to be completely outdone or forgotten, we are simultaneously releasing the all-new and feature-rich Power MTS 211Si as the successor to the older Power MTS 200 that’s been available since 2011. Although this new 200 amp MTS model doesn’t feature the pulse of the 251Si, it does incorporate a synergic mode for automatic control of the MIG welding mode. It also features the DC HF start and the arc force control, hot start time and hot start intensity of the more powerful 251Si. The new unit will be available with or without the TIG package so a customer without immediate need for a TIG torch and foot pedal, can slide into the welder at a lower price point and later select the torch or foot pedal that best suits his or her welding needs.

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