Everlast's New MIG Welders for 2015, the Power MTS 251Si & 211Si MIG Welder - Part 3

Midyear Everlast Product Releases. New Power MTS 251Si and 211Si - part 3

Citing all the great advancements in the new Everlast Power MTS 251Si and the 211Si, we feel that we’ve created the strongest performing MIG, TIG and Stick all-in-one unit on the market. Since we were the first on the US and Canadian Markets with a MIG/TIG/Stick compact inverter machine, before Thermal Arc(now TWECO), Miller or Lincoln, we’ve gained a lot of insight into producing MTS units and have reached out to our customers to tell us what we needed to do to make them more useable and valuable to them as a lynch-pin tool in this market segment.

No doubt the new High Frequency start will trouble our competitors. Lift start, while a valid start method for TIG, is often avoided and rued by the TIG professionals who do a lot of fabricating. This year, there will be NO comparison in capability between our MTS units and the Fabricator, Millermatic and Power MIG units with the introduction of this feature alone. It’s a game changer and offers the nudge needed to get series professional TIG’ers and fabricators to pay attention to the “All-in-one” units that we offer. We’ve broken through not only in technology with these units but also in performance. The former perception of “sacrificing on feature in favor of the other” no longer exists. These units no longer offer a compromise between processes, features, performance and reliability. Both of these units are also currently (during preorder) being offered at the old MTS 250S and 200 prices. To top things off we expect price increases on the new series to increase only a marginal amount over last year’s models.

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