Everlast's New MIG Welder, the Power MTS 250s MIG Welder - Part 1

Midyear Everlast MIG Welding Machine Releases. New Power MTS 251Si and 211Si part 1

The recent dock worker’s strike in the state of California has delayed a much rumored release of an updated version of the ever popular Power MTS 250s MIG Welder. Until now, we’ve purposefully held onto full-fledged confirmation and information release on the all new Power MTS 251si, the successor to the Power MTS 250S. Today we are announcing this unit and discussing some of its salient features. The midyear release of the Power MTS 251Si features a refined panel, which incorporates a simplified, more logical layout on controls and features, particularly for the synergic function. Not only that but the all-digital Power MTS 251Si introduces a “first to the industry” High Frequency start for the TIG mode. The unit retains the lift start feature of the old 250S, but also now includes a selectable High Frequency start via a touch button on the panel. Please note that this isn’t AC high frequency or an AC capable unit, but it is a DC only unit which allows for touch free TIG starts perfect for high quality steel, stainless or titanium welding. This new feature will greatly reduce tungsten wear and improve weld quality at the start of the weld. As significant as this is, that’s not the only major advancement. This year the MTS 251s will include a pulse mode for both MIG and TIG operations. The TIG pulse mode will greatly improve the utility of the unit for those who value the unit for it’s TIG capability and is a natural match for the HF TIG start capability. The MIG pulse is a single pulse MIG that features digital control and precision setting options to more finely control heat in the spray arc range of welding that is typically employed in steel, stainless, or aluminum welds.

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