Everlast Welder or Plasma Cutter Expectations

When your new “baby” arrives, fresh in its light green skin, there are a few things you need to know and have ready before you settle down with it. The first thing you should know above all is that the welder manual, which is found online.

This is a full English language version.  It is not the brief pamphlet found in the box.  There is a big difference. The box pamphlet is provided directly from the factory and is very broad in its scope and instructions.  The welder manual can be found on the Everlast website here:  http://www.everlastgenerators.com/manuals.php

The welder manual covers many details, but don’t expect it to be primer on learning how to weld, or that the information found within will magically make you understand the principles of welding. The welder manual covers items similar to the way a car operator’s manual covers things. A car operator’s manual doesn’t tell you how to drive, but it covers important bits of safety, maintenance, and tells you what all the controls and features are. Please download it and read it before you receive your welding unit.

Another item you need to know is that the Everlast welder or cutter you will receive does have a cord on it, but it does not have a plug. A lot of customers tend to change their plug to match what they have in their home or shop as it is and most would remove the plug supplied with the welder to begin with.  The extra cost is saved to the customer so he/she can make the best decision about making things compatible with their situation.

As always the recommended plug for welders is the NEMA 6-50, but there are other types that would meet code and would be suitable for use, such as a twist lock type. One item that you should be aware of is the supplied welding consumables shipped with the units will be just enough to get you started, with one exception (tungsten). All Everlast TIG torches are standard in their consumables and will match other brands of the same numbered series.

The units are supplied with a starter kit of welding consumables which do not include the Tungsten, but include everything else.  Tungsten is easy to find locally, at almost any credible welding supply store. You will need to purchase the size you desire.  The consumable sizes supplied with the welding unit may vary from time to time, but should get you started with the most common sizes.  But it is highly recommended that you purchase additional consumables so that you will have plenty in stock because they will “consume” faster than you think, and a weekend project without the welding consumables to complete it is not any fun.

The last thing you need to consider is the type gas you will be using, and how much you will need. You should have this secured before your purchase.  When you get the welding unit, you will need to be able to test all features immediately after you receive it to determine all things are correct and working on your unit.  Failing to do so can result in not being able to return your welding unit for warranty work unless you pay for shipping, if it goes beyond the first 30 days.