Electric arc welding process:

1. Electricity, either AC or DC:

The majority arc welding machines are AC output. Plug it into the wall socket (120v AC, 220-240v AC) and the electrical energy goes throughout a transformer, and is "changed" down lesser voltage appropriate for welding with. Chances are the little machine you have a home in the shed will be an AC output.

2. You require an electrode to burn:

The electrode is what melts down into melt metal and fuses to the foundation metal.

3. And you require making an essential electrical circuit:

Clamp the earth lead to the foundation metal; touch the electrode to base metal to finish the circuit. When the rod touches the "earthed" foundation metal. The electrode will spark up produce large amounts of heat. This heat will melt the electrode, and too the base metal. As the electrode melts the melt metal will attach itself to the base metal, forming a weld deposit.


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