Common Welding Issues, Back To Welding Basics

When working the technical support lines of Everlast, you never know what type of call you will receive. Sometimes it can be quite bazaar. It might be a customer calling about a machine that doesn’t work that has forgotten to turn the machine on, or it may be a customer who has never welded before expecting miracles the first time out. But one of the more common causes of calls placed to our tech support usually relate to people forgetting the basic things you need to have in place to make a sound weld. It is no overstatement to suggest that the majority of tech support issues are environmental issues. That is to say, the cause of the problem is not the machine but something that results from some element in the local welding environment not being exactly right. Sure, welding has to be done in a wide range of adverse environments, but in reality you can’t expect everything to be “wrong” and have a stable, healthy arc. Human nature, being what it is, is to typically blame the machine before trying to examine other possible causes and eliminating them first as a contributing factor. In reality, it doesn’t take a lot of effort in most cases to remedy the welding issue without having to send the machine in for service or repair. It should be noted though, that in the cases where the welder is an issue a fair percent of the cases can be corrected by the customer without having to ship the unit in for service. Hopefully, the next series of articles will help you as a user, whether of Everlast or of any other brand to be able to examine the more basic welding issues and determine the cause of them without fearing that something dire is wrong with the unit.Everlast Power Equipment, your complete welding resource.learn more on our welding forum