Cleaning your Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutter maintenance is a huge issue. It’s a bigger issue than maintenance on a TIG, MIG or Stick welder.  They generate huge amounts of particulates while cutting and a much of it goes into the air, and is pumped  right into the plasma cutters electronics while  the fan is running.  Much, if not all of the material is electrically conductive.   So, it is important to keep your Everlast PowerPlasma clean internally.  A regular monthly maintenance is required if it is being used regularly.  At the very least it should be done on a quarterly basis.  This involves opening up the unit and blowing it out gently with dry compressed air.  The rear panel and then the metal panel should be removed.  Be sure to check the fan blade for metallic build up.  We have seen fan blades coated with metal and wobbling badly or broken from excessive build up.  This is from sheer neglect.  Blowing out the unit will keep the conductive material from arcing across the boards and from shorting out components.   It will also keep the unit running cooler and keep the duty cycle up where it should be.   Be sure the compressed air you are using is dry and the pressure has been reduced so that it will not dislodge any wires or connectors.   When done, make sure you have checked all connectors for tightness and checked that all wires are still intact.  This regular maintenance will not only help improve the performance of your plasma cutter, but also give it a longer life.


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