Arc Welding Fumes- Importance Of Using Protective Gears!

There are many protective gears to safeguard the welders while they are at work but it happens that a lot of us don't care much about using the protective gears properly or sometimes get exposed to the harmful Fumes and gases let out during the process. Here are a few points to know about these fumes and gases…

During the arc welding process you will get to sense the most compounds like manganese and silicon. Apart from these the other compounds that are found in the electrode or in the base metal may also be found in the fumes.

These fumes are likely to do a lot of medical complications in a normal person’s body. Manganese is one of the elements that come out through the fumes and overexposure to this will affect the central nervous system. When the central nervous system of our body is affected it results in poor coordination, complexity in speaking in addition to shivering of arms or legs. The saddest part of this condition is that it is considered medically irreversible and hence avoiding these harmful fumes with proper usage of protective gears becomes important.