Alternatives to Welding are considered in Which Situation?

Whenever Welding is hard and expensive and if there is no necessary require for the kind of metal continuity provided by welded joints. The major tip is that welding processes in common are connected with elevated temperatures.

In several situations the application of heat may have adverse effects similar to crack formation, hardness and force changes, and production of brittle phases, micro structural changes affecting corrosion resistance properties, improper deformations, position and fit troubles, introduction of residual stresses.

If the dangers following the over effects involve the adoption of particular procedures to counteract them, then welding becomes a great deal fewer attractive solution.

Among probable alternatives one could think the following. Brazing and soldering that need less warmth and may give adequate properties to the joint. Otherwise Mechanical Fastening, structural Adhesive Bonding, surface alteration if effective, removal of joint by design modifies.