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PowerTIG 350EXT

5 year
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$3,189.00 You Save - $440.00
Weight: 100 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 11 in × 21 in
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PowerTIG 350EXT
PowerTIG 350EXT
PowerTIG 350EXT
PowerTIG 350EXT
PowerTIG 350EXT

Need more power?  If you do, the PowerTIG 350EXT is the latest and most powerful member of Everlast's PowerTIG series of TIG/Stick welders.  This unit features up to 350 amps of TIG welding power and up to 270 amps of Stick welding power.   With the Advanced AC pulse feature this unit is capable of delivering considerably more TIG welding capability (thickness) than any other unit in it's class. This unit is designed to get the job done where thicker plate and weldments are common.  As far as features go, the PowerTIG 350EXT doesn't fall short either.  It has all the familiar features you'd expect and is similar to the PowerTIG 255EXT as far as basic layout and operation are concerned for those shops that want to upgrade to a heavier unit without retraining personnel.  Duty cycle is a favorable 35% at maximum output and is able to go the distance with its high output constant-on fan design.  While larger than the PowerTIG 255EXT, or the PowerTIG 325EXT, the unit is still very portable and can be ported around with little trouble.  As far as low end performance goes, this brute is far from clumsy.  It features a respectable 5A DC and 10A AC low end operation capability.  For your heavier applications, this unit will also pair well with our PowerCool 400 for water-cooled torch applications and features a 240V 1 phase cooler plug on the rear of the welder. 

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