multiprocess welder

PowerArc 141STL

SMAW/ GTAW (DC only)
5 year
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PowerArc 141STL
PowerArc 141STL
PowerArc 141STL

If you are looking for a compact yet capable, DC stick/ TIG welder, without having to break your budget, the new digitally controlled PowerARC 141STL is what you are looking for.  This new dual voltage Stick/TIG welder  has many new features that were not available on the previous PowerARC 140ST.  Each feature that has been added has been added in response to our customers feedback on the older model over the past several years.  Two of the new and most noticeable features of the new PowerARC 141STL are a built-in gas solenoid, and foot pedal or torch switch control (foot pedal optional).  These two features step up the usefulness of the unit and make it appealing amateur and professional welders alike.  The PowerARC 141STL gives up nothing in features, but still retains a minimalist feel, so it is not confusing or difficult to navigate and setup.   Quite simply, the main goal of the new design was to make a new 140 Amp PowerARC unit with that did the same as before but did them better.  Better as in more safety, more features, more performance and more serviceability.   The PowerARC 141STL has several improved features geared toward stick welding safety such as "Anti-Stick" technology and Voltage reduction (VRD).   New performance stick features include adjustable hot start and and adjustable arc force control.  New TIG features for the 140 Amp model include a pedal/switch energized lift start and a "live lift", which keeps the Tungsten live where foot pedal or switch control isn't possible.  Other new TIG features include Downslope and Postflow, and low 5 amp start, which is essential for any serious TIG user.


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