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SuperCut 51P

3 year
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Dimensions: 16 in × 7 in × 13 in
Weight: 20 lb
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SuperCut 51P
SuperCut 51P
SuperCut 51P

The new SuperCut 51P, is the latest SuperCut Plasma cutter available from Everlast and is the successor to the long running and popular SuperCut 50P.  The newly redesigned MOSFET inverter of the SuperCut 51P is now better than ever when compared to older models of SuperCuts.  Customers seeking a well-priced, basic plasma cutter for hobby or occasional shop use will find the SuperCut 51P a joy to use.  While it may not be the most advanced or capable product in the Everlast product line, it is designed to get the job done. The SuperCut 51P features high frequency arc starting which will reduce start delays and provide a continuously engaging pilot arc when needed. It also offers clean, low dross cuts for those seeking to make regular maximum cuts of 1/4" to 3/8".  If you need more power and more features, take a look at our PowerPlasma series of plasma cutters with improved torch designs and features.  Due to the High Frequency design, the SuperCut 51P is not recommended for CNC use or in close proximity of sensitive electronics.

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