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NOVA 18 Slim-Form Torch/25ft Ultra-Flex Cables

SKU: NVA-18SL-250-35QD
Price: $199.00

Need more power, but can't sacrifice maneuverability?   The Slim Form torches offers you just that.  The torch features a reduced foot print, lighter torch, and more maneuverability (thanks to the Ultra-Flex cable).    It does all this while still offering you over 350 amps of power range.   If you need even more compactness, consider the stubby consumable kit which further reduces consumable length and gives you a maximum "cut-down" profile for the water-cooled 18 series  compatible torch.  The price includes 25ft of Ultra-Flex cables and the exclusive "low-strain" DINSE type connector. NOTE: Unit comes with Quick Disconnect gas fitting for Everlast Welders.  If other configuration is needed for gas fitting, contact Everlast direct at the main number at the top of the page.

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