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NOVA 18 Rigid-Neck TIG torch 25ft 35 Series DINSE

SKU: NVA-18R-250-35QD
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NOVA 18 Rigid-Neck TIG torch 25ft 35 Series DINSE
NOVA 18 Rigid-Neck TIG torch 25ft 35 Series DINSE

The 18 series torches are the industry standard for welding on the higher Amperage end of welding jobs.  The NOVA 18 series Rigid neck torches are rugged torches built for serious welding in mind.  With industry standard 100% duty cycles for AC and DC for welding in the 250+ Amp zone these heavier, sturdier TIG torches are exactly what production shops need.   The flex cables additionally are lighter weight than typical rubber/PVC hose combinations.   These are good choices for OEM replacements to your Everlast water cooled torches.  The NOVA 18 series, as do all other brands of 18 series torches share the 17 and 26 series consumables and can interchange across the series and across all similar series in other brands. 

Keep in mind that this torch is rated for 100% duty cycle at 350A DC and 250A AC output.  Some welders capable of welding at higher amperages are listed below. This does not mean that the torch can be used at any amperage with that welder. Select an appropriate torch for the amperage range at which you anticipate welding.  It is advisable to have a range of torches to fit different applications. All Water-cooled (liquid-cooled) torches cannot be used dry or without coolant, even briefly.  Water-Cooled torches run dry will not be considered for warranty.


Not all units listed below feature a cooler plug outlet.  You may need to source a separate outlet for the water cooler.

  • Standard handle, Rigid neck design
  • Water-cooled, Flex cable
  • 350 Amps DC @ 100% Duty Cycle
  • 250 Amps AC @ 100% Duty Cycle
  • 25 ft of Flex Cable
  • Low Profile
  • NOVA quality
  • Straight Head (Rigid)
  • DINSE Type 35 Series (1/2") connector with gas quick connector included
  • Measure or Confirm size/type before order on older models
  • Fits All current and past PowerTIG models, except early 185.
  • Fits All current PowerPro models
  • Fits All current PowerMTS/Lightning models
  • Fits PowerARC 200STL, 280STH
  • Does Not Fit Power i-TIG, SuperUltra,PowerUltra, UltraArc models 200 amps and under due to connector size
  • Does not Fit PowerArc models except ones listed above

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