multiprocess welder

Power i-MIG 315

315 Front corner
5 year
High Output
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$2,099.00 You Save - $300.00
Weight: 110 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 11 in × 21 in
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Power i-MIG 315
Power i-MIG 315
Power i-MIG 315
Power i-MIG 315

If you area serious fabricator and are needing more MIG welding power while keeping things simple, without a lot of in depth training and extra knowledge, the Power i-MIG 315 deserves a closer look. This new digital IGBT inverter based MIG/Stick welding unit is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind.  The wire feeder is rated for up to 700 IPM, enough to deliver the amperage promised with .045" wire.  This unit is perfect for Axial Spray welding and can produce sustainable and long Axial-Spray welds at 250 Amps with 60% duty cycle.   If you push it to the maximum rating, the unit can handle a full 315 amps with a respectable 35% duty cycle. Of course if Spray-Arc isn't needed, the unit can also short circuit MIG weld quite easily.  With the simplicity, power, price point and a 5 year warranty, the Power i-MIG 315 strikes a balance that is much needed in the welding industry. This unit comes ready for use and requires only minor assembly.

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