multiprocess welder

Power i-MIG 275S

5 year
High Output
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Weight: 78 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 11 in × 18 in
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Power i-MIG 275S
Power i-MIG 275S
Power i-MIG 275S
Power i-MIG 275S

With the capability to weld conventional short circuit MIG or axial spray, the Power i-MIG 275S is a high duty- cycle professional-level inverter MIG/Stick welder with the power to accomplish tough welding task.   The Power i-MIG 275S features a convenient synergic mode which allows the user to simplify the setup process by entering the basic parameters of wire diameter and metal type to pre-set the volt/amp ratio and allow the user to fine tune the programming by using the wire feed speed only.  Any adjustments made to the wire feed speed will automatically make adjustments to the voltage via the welder's programmed volt/amp ratio based off the user's selected parameters.   Don't worry, though, if you feel the volt/amp ratio isn't right for your job, the unit allows you to override the adjustment and will remember the new ratio of volts to amps and maintain that ratio with further adjustment of the wire speed.   But if you prefer, the Power i-MIG 275S works just fine in the manual mode as well, allowing you to independently vary volts and wire speed.   The Power i-MIG 275S is chock-full of other features.  The unit can be set up just the way you like it, and you can save those settings to the units memory, allowing you to create and save up to 9 favorite programs.   And the unit includes a stick welding mode as well, which is as smooth and capable as any dedicated inverter stick welder.   The Power i-MIG 275S will even handle the difficult E6010 stick electrode like a pro.   Hot start and arc force controls round out the welder's stick capability, underscoring that this machine's stick function is not an after-thought.  The welder also supports the use of a spool gun with the option of selecting a manual or synergic spool gun mode.   If you demand the highest quality weld, the unit offers automatic pre-flow and post-flow control to shield the weld.  But if you are interested in minimizing your gas consumption, the feature can be turned off.   Other features like burn back control and spot/stitch timers help the user to improve the consistency of the welds and maximize productivity.  As a final feature, the unit features Inductance control for MIG, which controls the "feel" of the arc by adjusting the wire stickout from the nozzle while welding.   With so many features, you would think it might be difficult to set up and use, but it isn't.  The features are fairly intuitive and easy to set (and override if necessary).  There are no hidden menus to juggle.  In fact everything you need to use is right there on the front panel.  With all these features, you'd expect a roll around unit.   It is not.  It's designed to be picked up and carried and even set on a welding cart.  The portabilty doesn't sacrifice the usefulness of the machine to be used in serious welding applications as it supports the use of either 8" (10-12 lbs) with the optional adapter  or full 12"  (30-44lbs) wire rolls.

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