multiprocess welder

Power i-MIG 230i

5 year
High Output
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$1,299.00 You Save - $100.00
Weight: 78 lb
Dimensions: 25 in × 11 in × 18 in
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Power i-MIG 230i
Power i-MIG 230i
Power i-MIG 230i
Power i-MIG 230i

If you are  a professional welder or just an enthusiast and looking for a basic MIG welder to take care of all your daily welding needs, the Power i-MIG 230i may be just the unit to end your search.  By offering 230 amps of High-duty cycle MIG welding power and combining it with up to 180 amps of stick welding power, the Power i-MIG 230i establishes its reign as king with an iron fist.  There is nothing that can rival the Power i-MIG's performance, price, and simplicity, not even close. The unit is beautifully simple and portable thanks to the digitally controlled IGBT inverter design.  Whether it is on the factory floor or in the speed shop, this unit delivers more in features than it appears at first glance, and much more than it's nearest 200-250 amp competitors.  But yet it remains simple to use and set up, retaining a traditional look and feel of a larger, roll around machine, even down to the heavy-duty 4 roll, gear-driven, cast aluminum wire drive system. In fact if you compare it to many units in it's class the unit comes standard equipped with many features that the competition offers as optional, add-on items that really jack the price out of sight.  These additional features don't cost extra and are intuitive to use if you need them  If you don't need them or not sure if you will need them or not, don't worry.  The unit operates just fine without them.

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