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Thread: Post all comments and questions here about the contest...

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    Default Post all comments and questions here about the contest...

    To keep from having to delete "extra" comments on the contest thread, please post all comments here. If we delete a couple there, please understand, the purpose of the thread is to enter, not to comment.

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    A genuine thanks for the contest. You didn't have to do it and I appreciate the work involved with it.
    I am out trying to 'find myself'. If I should wander back while I am gone, please tell me to sit quietly and wait for myself to return.

    LOTS of scuba and vintage scuba equipment [I'm Always willing to trade or buy the stuff you think is too old to use]
    Smithy XLT Mill/lathe [It was easier to learn than I thought, I'm no pro, but I can make a bearing hanger]
    Everlast PP256

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    We'll try to keep more going on as time progresses. It does take a lot to organize them and keep things fresh. Who knows? Maybe we will repeat this one if all goes well.

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    How do you make your signature line and avatar? I'm not that great on the computer kinda new to this forum stuff.
    Thanks Ryan

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    Click on settings on the upper right hand side of your screen.
    Then look on your left hand side, mid screen for the sig line and avatar. Click on them to edit them.
    Signature line is the little line below the post where you can communicate your philosophy of life, favorite image and hopefully the welding product you own...Just observe some of the other guys'll see.
    Avatars are the little picture that represents you on the upper left corner of everyone's post. If you are still having difficulty let me know

    As for you location, which we have asked that people include, edit it under your profile.

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    Thanks for the help Mark on the avatar and the signature line, easy as pie got er done.
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    The spam on this board from this contest is really getting old. I use the "New Posts" function, and everyday when I come to check the forums, seems as if some new member spent half the night digging up one year old threads to post things like "really cool", "man that was great" etc. Most of them not even welding related threads. I just went through two pages of new posts, and only about 3 or 4 new posts pertained to welding or Everlast products. Come on guys, this contest has a month and a half to go still. You don't have to spam all over the board in one day to get your post count up.

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    Compressor, Notchers, Grinders, etc.

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    You are right. We have taken off a few posts already...We have spelled out that we don't want that type posting. We are not going to erase every post like that, because its hard to determine intent, but we will turn up the pressure to stop it....
    So here goes: If you guys want to spam to turn up the post count, DON'T. We want serious, thoughtful and if the case be, inquisitive posting...not resurrecting old threads or reposting almost the same topics from 6 months ago...Please use the search function AND look through the first page or so of topics in each section and make sure the same post hasn't been repeated. IF you think you can contribute a worthwhile post to an older thread, go ahead....But saying "neat project" or "cool pics" ain't gonna cut it. Consider this a warning going forward, we will work to delete these comments...just trying to be fair and consistent.

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    I hinted to one of the two already on the old post revival already. We will see if that helps. We can kill them before the contest end and rebuild the counts. Not a big deal, just more with for us.

    I think this contest might cause a customer with a real problem to get a delayed response, as I too do not look at them all now. However, if you have a real problem, you should "call" for support. Mark, Ray and myself are there all week, as well I take calls on Saturday and Sunday.
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    I am perusing the threads close enough that we should be able to take care of it. I don't mind the revival of old threads, as long as it pertains to the subject. In fact, I'd rather an old thread be resurrected and a topic continued instead of 15 threads about the same topic, because there are nuggets of information in those old threads that may not be brought out in a new one or vice versa...this will help people to have consistent source of information.

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    ok now that the shipment date has slipped any word on pushing the contest date back. For us new guys there is not too much to post about until the welder gets here.
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    The shipment date wasn't ever contingent upon the contest, since the greenbucks someone will win will be good until the end of the year. There are plenty of things that will come up to post about in the next month.

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    this is regarding the the current Greenbucks contest, I have no doubt that I will make the post count. The problem is that I have a few projects that I have started posts on ( my tig torch cooler and my tubing bender ) and have a monetary investment in those projects but neither is past the early beginning stages (The tubing bender) only has a few pictures of me Prepping parts and Boring a few holes no assembly or welding has taken place and my water tig cooler Just shows a video of me putting a 90 deg pvc elbow and a 1/2 barb on a pump.

    I have a significant Investment in those two projects and I believe that if I continue on with those projects with progress they should qualify, otherwise whats to stop me from just making a bunch of small projects Like a plant stand (1 hour and $4 invested), a hanging plant holder (1 hour $4 invested ) ect. I could come up with a couple dozen of projects of that nature and all they would do is bump up my chances of entry without being of any real value to the Everlast community. Both of the projects I have started involve making tools equipment that will be beneficial to people like me that don't have a lot of money to spend and don't have fully pimped out home shops.
    I don't even have the ability to even do any work where I live I have to travel to my parents house to do most anything. If you watch my water cooler video you can see what I have here at my apt A small table and a box to keep the weather off some of my tools and stuff I am fixing or tinkering with.

    Besides as some of the forum users that bother to read my posts know I am in a wheelchair and right now I have been in bed for a total of 16 days straight now only able to get up into a sitting position for 15 mins 3 times a day. to wash myself and grab some food . Why am I stuck in bed you ask? Because Instead Of purchasing a new wheelchair cushion and some other medical necessities like a new shower chair I saved up for almost 2 years to choose Everlast over other companies like longevity etc to purchase my Tig welder. Since I've had my new Tig I've spent alot more Time Sitting and re-honing my skills and I developed a sore about 2" in diameter and down almost to the bone under my left hip in the sitting position.

    I have made good progress but I believe I am looking at another month in bed before it's fully closed over. And the money I have saved up to start working on some projects again will have to go to purchasing a new wheelchair cushion ( The Roho High Profile ) that I share between this wheelchair (see pic below )and my power wheelchair which if you remember from last month I had a keyway damaged and now have a new Key JB welded in. How many of you would feel safe with your steering tie rods only held in by JB weld? I made that comparison because If my Fix Fails while I am moving @ 4-5 mph down the sidewalk My power chair will violently turn in the direction of the failed side and most likely dump me off the curb into the street So I have to always make sure I travel down the side of the street that keeps my left wheel on the away side of the street. I have another manual wheelchair I bought some years ago thinking I could strengthen up my left arm by playing some wheelchair basketball Unfortunately My back wont tolerate the amount of squeeze , Rear of char if way lower than front, and I never used it past the first couple of days. I am going to try and sell it on ebay or craigslist once I an up and about. I am not about to let a stranger in my apt with me defenseless in bed @ this point.

    You know if I was up and around I would have a few projects ( Small ones ) to add to the contest So I am just asking For you to consider allowing My tubing bender and water cooler projects once I make the post count ( No problem I made Over 140 Last contest Because I am very active on the forums). Because I have No Idea At this Point how long it will be before I am able to sit for periods Long enough To even take the bus ride in my power chair to my Parents house 15 min travel time by bus not counting 5 mins to bus stop from my apt and 5 mins to my Parents from bus stop. That's 50 mins just getting there and back How much time before I am able to tolerate sitting for that period of time let alone enough time to make any progress on anything meaningful?, only time will tell and that time will be measured in weeks or possibly months. Please consider it once I make my 60 posts If I am still Bed Bound with this sore. I will take a Picture of the Nurse with all her gear if necessary on next visit to change dressing and clean wound if there are any doubters.

    I just feel that being a loyal and active member of the Everlast community I should have a fair shake as I really want a plasma cutter and I'm Trying my best to save for it. If any Other members have a problem with this I will Respect their objection and just enter with my post count only.

    Thanks for listening

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    I gotta find more junk to sell on EBaY ... Must Buy a Plasma Cutter and a Mig Welder

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    We have many wheel chair confined customers. You are not alone. I have the utmost respect for you and the battle you and others here face daily. In the age of P.C., a lot of people are afraid to make any comments regarding another persons disability. However, I want to encourage you to not let your disability not become an excuse flag you can wave. My father has battled back from death's door multiple times and near complete paralysis, and unknown, but verifiable disease and many things, but never used it as an excuse. He missed out on somethings, and his children never had a father that got out and played catch...Yet he owned his own land clearing/construction business and opened his own farm tractor dealership. He never regained his full strength, has had back surgery where he was flat on his back for several weeks, loss of muscle tissue to the point his doctors can't figure out how he is walking now or how he managed for years. He visits a top oncologist every 6 months or so, even though his diagnosis isn't cancer, it is similar. His immune system is severely compromised, and simple colds turn into life threatening illness...yet he has never used any of it as an excuse to let him get down. He just fell and broke his leg bone above his ankle due to his leg weakness. At 62, a diabetic, weakened immune system and weak legs, he has continued to work away, in the heat, rain and outdoors. He has hobbled now for 6 weeks on crutches on this go around, but continues to make sales, sharpen saw blades and peck away at projects he has started laying around all over. My point? Don't let this issue you struggle with become something that gets you bitter. I detect a note of frustration in your posts. We all in some way have problems. I do as well. Just don't let this things turn into a bitter outlook on life.

    We have given this contest a lot of thought and made it fairly open to what you can post. Pot hangers, and plant hangers are significant, if properly done. I have made these and sold those little 4.00 investments for 25-75 bucks. Pots need a place to reside. Don't discount their "value" as a project. If you feel they aren't worth that much, you could combine them in a single project since they are of the same genre.

    But consider the name of the contest... "Stack the Deck". The name implies NOT everyone is going to have the same chances, and well by the nature of the name, its likely someone isn't going to feel they get a fair shake because they weren't playing at the same level as someone else. Not everyone is going to have the same amount of projects. It was designed to let the "cards" fall where they may. Everyone is going to have a reason they didn't post 5 projects some are going to complain because it wasn't fair that they couldn't post 10, whether from lack of time, lack of money, lack of ability, lack of creativeness etc. Some have already mentioned the fact that they are required to make 60 posts and don't like it because its difficult to get to that number... Everyone can look it as a fun "challenge" or something that is going to be unfair or think its too difficult. Just like the person that buys a 100 dollars worth of lotto tickets every week looses to the person that plays one time for the first time, your chance with one entry, should that be all you can enter may be all it takes to win. But from an odds standpoint, the more you enter, the more chance you have to win.

    Let's put it in perspective: Our last contest had actually a very few people who finally qualified, say 30 or less (just guessing here). Where else are you going to have that chance of winning? 1 in 30 is pretty good odds in this sort of thing. Even 1 in 100 is a good chance...much better than those "candy bar" sweepstakes...I've gone a played "monopoly" at Mc'D's. and bought just the size/item that had the playing piece. I would have bought something anyway, but planned my purchase to get the most monopoly pieces. Never won anything but some free food, but it was fun to play. I was going to eat something anyway, and just decided to get the most "enjoyment" out of it as I could. I never thought it was unfair or "limiting" because the family of 7 people walked in and racked up the peel off game pieces. It was just part of the game. I had fun and me and my wife find we may go there a time or two more when the contest is on, but always look at it as a fun way to have a little one on one time and enjoy as simple activity.

    It boils down to this:
    1) Don't let your disability be a reason for not entering this contest as many times as you can. Someone else will not even make the 60 posts. What was their excuse?
    2) Make the entries you can. This contest is designed to be fun and informative. Someone may have more entries than you. Make the "best" entry you can. It'll help toward the 60 post requirement.
    3) Entering 20 times will not guarantee a win. But entering will improve you chances of winning. We will only have 1 winning ticket, and it could be yours, even if you have 1 entry.
    4) A project to you is a project to us. No one said it had to be finished before the end of the contest. I have "projects" that I started 5 years ago, that aren't finished yet. That's the nature of a project, there are things you could always do different, better, or over again if you have the chance. That's a good thing you could add to you project posts: what you would do different, or a modification you can/will do different to make it better.
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    didn't notice this thread before I posted my Q on the contest thread. I'll delete that one in a sec.

    I have a few smaller projects I just finished that I only have limited in-progress shots. I was just wondering if I can do some dimensioned cad drawings and a good description to make up for my lack of photographic pre-planning. If not, I'll just be posting the final shots, I guess.
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    I think that follows under the spirit of what we are trying to do, and shows good faith effort.

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    I like the project idea, but I hope you will have ot post more then a pic and the 1 line detail about the project. Getting the details on the meterials used, and why sure help the rest of us learn. Also what problems did you run into and how do you work around them
    sold my miller mig
    got a PT250EX
    saving up for a plasma cutter

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    I was thinking that a summary of expectations for Stack The Deck projects is in order. This is from the contest announcement:
    Projects should include: a) pictures b) details about size, dimension if applicable c) time took to complete, or estimated projection d) materials used e) discussion of why/how/what/etc was the reason you needed or wanted to do the project.

    From Mark's response to Don:
    That's the nature of a project, there are things you could always do different, better, or over again if you have the chance. That's a good thing you could add to you project posts: what you would do different, or a modification you can/will do different to make it better.

    From DGarnier's earlier post:
    Also what problems did you run into and how do you work around them

    I'm looking forward to reading about these projects since there are a bunch of smart, clever guys on this board. I've got a feeling the projects we remember and reference back to will be those that have the best descriptions of all the important details.

    Dave O
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    Mark I find you comment very offensive I never let the fact that I am in a wheelchair stop me From anything And maybe my sentence structure or wording led you to believe that as you put it I'm "Waving the disability flag".

    You couldn't be farther off the mark my friend and if you knew me you would know I am proud of the accomplishments I make while confined to the chair. When I bring up my disability I trying to say "look even though I'm in a wheelchair I'm one of you guys, a welder, fabricator and a tinkerer. It doesn't bother me to talk about having a disability because for the last 19 years this is who I am, A proud disabled man.

    I guess I didn't word it right or you haven't read my posts I have made on my projects but I even say in the video I will be doing my projects in stages. What I was asking Is if I am healed up in time to Make Progress can I post A stage of my project and have it count. For example I have cut the metal to length and drilled the holes but no assembly has taken place. So if I titled a post "Tubing bender Draw bar Assembly" Showing Pictures of me Prepping the weld Joints clamping everything up and starting the tack welding and then final welding (possibly) would a sub assembly of a larger project count? I would Rather Spend my money Towards Something I already have Money invested In Than to just make a bunch of nic-nacs to " Stack the Deck"

    Also the comparison to you Dad is not very fair, I am not complaining about being paralyzed nor being in a wheelchair, after 19 years I came to terms that this was my life and I am going to make the best of what I can still do. Now to the issue, I have a decubitus ulcer or in layman's terms a pressure sore, this is something unlike your Dad I can't just ignore and go about my business. I am going to post an illustration.. My sore was like the bottom left and is now down to looking like something between the two top images. Good improvement but I still have a ways to go.

    Attachment 2028
    These wounds can grow very fast if not attended to and be life threatening due to the high risk of infection, that is why I have a nurse visiting twice daily to clean and dress it and also why they want me up no longer than 15mins every 6 hours. This is not a bed sore it came from sitting, basically because I am so active that I end up sitting up too long And my hip bones put enough pressure on the tissue to stop blood flow under them. Not the Disabled flag waving bitter person you make me out to be. I have no recourse now but to stay in bed and let it heal. This is not the first sore I've had and most likely wont be the last. I will post a link to the Wiki but be warned, not for the squeamish, and mark please read down to the part about wheelchair users where spinal injury is involved. I was at a stage 3 sore and now either a stage 1-2. The Wiki has more info.

    All I want to know Is can my Projects be broken down into sub Projects if it's new material I have never posted before? Okay I started a Tig Torch water cooler Project But all my video shows me doing is Showing the pump I am using and attaching 1 90 deg elbow an a 1/2" barb to it. Would Tigging up a tank for it count as a separate sub project? Heck I don't even think I'll be healed up in time but Like I said If I do get better I'd rather not "Stack the Deck" making things where that money would be better put to use on projects I'm already committed to. Am I making things clear now?

    I'm man enough to assume your sorry for your out of line comment and let it go at that.

    Cheers all


    MTS 200 workhorse
    PowerTig 250EX <---sweet
    80 amp HF inverter arc welder
    Lincoln Buzzbox
    Rotobrute AC-35 Mag Drill
    Milwaukee mag drill
    HF Heavy Duty 16 Speed Bench Drill Press (Custom made Adjustable Height stand)

    I gotta find more junk to sell on EBaY ... Must Buy a Plasma Cutter and a Mig Welder

    Fullerton, Ca

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    Thanks. I think you understood the tenor of my post. Don, I feel did not. I don't think he read my entire post, because I dealt with each point and assured him it would not be an issue.

    I do wish you good health and speedy recovery. No disrespect intended, but rather some encouragement NOT to let your issues derail you or become an excuse. I know disabled people that live with a condition for years, thinking they are doing well, but slowly bitterness and over sensitivity to their issue creeps in.

    I am not trying to make it personal. But in regards to my father's issue every sore a diabetic gets is life threatening, and any injury, including a broken leg takes much longer to heal. There was a time he could not walk or even button a button on his shirt. Doctor's told him he was going to die within 6 months, leave 2 kids and wife. Good thing they were wrong. They have told him that several times since. Add to it the fact that his wbc count is good if its 4000, when he is sick it drops to 1200 or lower. My father doesn't ignore it. He lives with it and deals with it. He doesn't bring it up to anyone unless the people know him well and never uses it to get any special consideration. I am worried though about you becoming bitter about it, because bringing it up in such a forum, place, and time and asking for a "fair shake" does speak to the fact you are wearing it on your shoulder. My concern, over this, if you aren't bitter or wearing this on your shoulder, is why go into such detail about it? Would it not be enough to say, I have some disability and having some health issues that are going to make some posting projects more difficult been enough? Why speak to the concern about getting a fair shake? You will receive the same fair shake everyone else receives. Are you asking for a "special shake" because of your disability? Otherwise what is the reason for the post? That's my point.

    Its not that I don't care or don't want to know. Its that its TMI over a simple contest. I do know about pressure sores though I never had one myself. My readiness to deal with this with you should show that I care. But when so much detail is given, it is concerning, though I never put it as disability flag waving, you did. I was in tune with the idea, excuse flag, but whatever, I understand how it could get turned into what you interpreted. My apologies for miswording. My concern was not that you WERE bitter, but that you might become bitter about things. I won't go on. I have done my best to make all things fair and available to all. Again, I care, and am wishing you the best. Happy posting.

    ps. We do have a long list of people here that have inconveniences/ disabilities, including:
    Deaf/unable to speak
    legally blind
    mental/learning disabilities
    bodily malfunctions of every sort etc.

    All these people will get as fair shake as the next. Our terms are lenient as far as what defines a "project", but we do have to have requirements to be able to judge their validity somewhat.
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