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Thread: Thanks Everlast for the great customer service and a great product

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    Default Thanks Everlast for the great customer service and a great product

    I recently bought a Power Plasma 50 and it arrived with shipping damage. As soon as I opened it up, I noticed that the front bezel was cracked off at the corner.

    I called Everlast and talked to Alex and he directed me to e-mail shipping and a new bezel would be sent. I did and got it in just a few days. Thanks Alex and Everlast for the great service.

    I must say that I am impressed with the Power Plasma 50. It is an eye opening experience to be able to cut metal so easily. I used to put off doing projects as cutting metal with O/A or cutting wheels is a real pain. The Power Plasma 50 just does what it does and does it so well.

    Thanks again guys for all your help and a great product.

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    seems like alex and crew try theyre very best to keep everyone happy, shipping problems seem like the most common issue people have with these units.
    i cant wait for mine to arrive!
    300whp FWD 94 Celica
    PowerPro 205 with a hack behind the mask!

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