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    Hi all,

    I'm new to welding but have been building bikes for some time (welding was done by Chassis Enginnering who are local to me). I bought a PowerTig 185 to learn how to weld on. My unit arrived in good condition, no damage from shipping. I have been using the machine a few days and it has been great. This machine is very capable and in an experienced welders hands I am sure it can make some nice beads.

    Here are some pictures in my cluttered garage...

    And these are some of the welds I have made with it.

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    Here is an update, these are two pictures of something I welded. Three days experience.

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    That looks great for 3 days! Tie in is good, heat lines show even torch angle. Color of weld appears to be the correct temperature. Bead with is fine, with a little underfill on the sides of the bevel toward the end on the second picture. The ends of the welds look properly filled as well.

    I have told many guys that this machine will meet almost all their needs. There is no slack in performance or weld quality on this unit. I can tell you that it is every bit as competent as any of our other TIG welding units.

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    How much does this machine cost with a foot pedal? I am torn between this one and the PowerTig DX 200A. I mean the 200A is only $1100. If this one is $900 shipped with a foot pedal, it is almost worth it just to get all the extra options for another $200.

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    Give me a call and we'll see what we can do on a 185.

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    I am still waiting for everlast to recieve the foot pedals. I cant wait to get mine in, I just want to be able to grab the torch closer to the neck it would give me much better control. Hopefully the pedals will come in soon.

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