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    I just wanted to say hello to everyone on this forum. I'm a hobbyist just starting out and really like working with metal. There's so much to learn and so much to do. I've read most of the posts here and the whole forum is filled with tons of good info. I recently purchased the Everlast PowerUltra 205...and although I don't have much experience using other products, this combo unit should suit my needs rather nicely. The price is right, Everlast stands behind the product (they upgraded me when they discontinued the unit I had originally ordered (EV-CT518D)), and I can cut (plasma)/TIG/MMA (Arc) with it once I learn how. I look forward to sharing my projects with you and look forward to any critiques or words of wisdom you care to offer. If you want to bash me, I'd prefer meeting you face-to-face and we just throw down...I hate forum wimps :evil: . Happy welding... :mrgreen:
    Everalst PowerMaster 226 Combo Unit (TIG/Arc/Plasma)
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    I assume by BigMacWelds you are Big. Not looking to throw down with you. Only looking to help with the welding part.

    Call Jessie James for the first part.

    Welcome aboard. Post some pictures.

    Welcome and call if you need any help.
    Mike R.

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    Re: Received my PowerUltra 205 Combo Unit yesterday!
    OK...OK. Sorry for not responding quick enough. I've been posting to the Everlast site forum and haven't gotten back here. I do have some pics...hope you enjoy them. I also hope to try my luck at TIG...I just haven't had much time. I did a lawnmower project and just finished that yesterday. I need to mount a bumper to my riding lawnmower but I thought that the stock front end support was too wimpy. I reduced some 3X3 square tubing down to about 2X3 (that's what is in the last picture with all that dross sticking to it; had the amps on max...still learning). I'll post some pics of the upgraded support next. Today, lucky me, I had to use the darn thing and cut my grass...yuk! I'll do a better job of posting what I do/learn with/about my Ultra205.
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    Re: Received my PowerUltra 205 Combo Unit yesterday!
    I bought somebody's old MTD riding lawnmower a few years ago for $100 and have been messing around with it ever since. I spent last winter wire brushing all the rust off it and gave it a new paint job. With the Ultra205, I was able to replace the wimpy front end support with beefier square stock (see pic in my other reply). Anyway, after I sectioned out the square stock, I ground and beveled the edges and clamped it together to weld. I know, I should have used the Ultra205's TIG, but I haven't ever TIG welded and needed to practice first (plus, the grass is getting too high so I need to get the mower back into service). Anyway, I broke out the Hobart and welded the two seams. Again, as a hobbyist, I am still learning the machines and therefore I had the wire feed up too fast...very B-I-G welds. But hey, I also like to practice grinding and this was a golden opportunity. Came out nice, anyway, huh? So, the newly fabbed support is ready for machining. I did that on my Delta drill press (only sacrificed one 1/2" drill bit to the fabrication Gods) and painted it up...came out like I thought it would. Then it was just a matter of mounting it and installing the wheels and steering linkage (I painted that Now I've got what I call the "tractor tire look"...the front tires point toward themselves...I kinda like it since mine is probably the only rider around like that. It rides ok, so I don't think I want to spend the time bending the tabs that the steering linkage connects to to sort that out. It's custom...

    I hope you like the pics and thanks for looking. My next project is to mount (weld!) some sort of front bumper so that IT gets trashed when I hit the side of my house, trees, etc., instead of the lawnmower's plastic HOOD. Wish me luck...
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    Mike R.
    877-755-9353 x203
    M-F 12 - 7PM PST
    FYI: PP50, PP80, IMIG-200, IMIG-250P, 210EXT and 255EXT.

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