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    I posted my first project using my Ultra205 but was sorely disappointed that this forum only allows three pictures to be uploaded. So let's see what Everlast's goals for this forum are: To showcase their gear's value and bring more customers/enthusiasts to the site to purchase product. Keeping that in mind, if you think about it, a project post has at least two critical of the Everlast product being used and another of the project itself. That leaves only one additional picture to show potential customers and other enthusiasts what you're describing in your text. I think you should seriously consider increasing the number of photos folks are allowed to post. When I visit other forums, I prefer posts with pictures...especially those with sufficient numbers of pictures so the I can actually see what they're talking about. Just something to think about.
    Everalst PowerMaster 226 Combo Unit (TIG/Arc/Plasma)
    Hobart Handler 210 (MIG)

    If it breaks, weld it; If it's not broken, you're not using it hard enough...

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    We're in the process of switching to a new forum program, I personally have never really cared for this one as well.

    You can use photobucket or many other free photo website and a link, like some people do or leave multiple post since it is your thread.

    I did not see any pictures in your post.

    For now, I will see if there is a setting to allow more picture as I have never been asked about this before and I am sure that
    setting, if it exists, is the default setting.

    Are you happy with the welder?

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    OK, I bumped it from 3 to 7 and from 256K to 350K on the file size.

    That will cover VGA resolution shots without a problem. Most have that set to 256K and some of my shots go up to 300K.

    Hope that helps. We here are Everlast are always willing to help, just first request we have had that I know of.

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    Great! And, yes, I'm very happy with the Ultra205. I just wish that I had more time to use it...but this thing called 'my job' takes up most of my time. I'll continue to post as I get chances to use it more. My next goal is to try to TIG weld with it.
    Everalst PowerMaster 226 Combo Unit (TIG/Arc/Plasma)
    Hobart Handler 210 (MIG)

    If it breaks, weld it; If it's not broken, you're not using it hard enough...

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